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coffee table in living room

You need to choose the right coffee table fro your living room to enhance its decor. But most people tend to overlook this. Coffee tables are usually centrally placed and serve practical purposes in the living room. A mesa de centro can also allow you to show your sense of style. Below is a guide for choosing the right coffee table for your living room.

Know your Budget

Your estimated budget is a key determinant of the kind of coffee table you will buy. Since this is not a piece of furniture that you buy often, you need to get the most for your money and balance the cost with functionality. A high-quality piece of furniture is a worthwhile investment in the long run. You can keep the cost easily in check by going for less expensive alternative materials. Tables designed with wood as the sub material are the best and can reduce the price significantly.

Choose the Right Material for the Function

These tables are made from a wide range of materials which serve dual roles. For instance, a glass top can create some sense of openness. It can blend into the background instead of screaming for attention. Wooden pieces add warmth to the rooms with natural rustic looks. A rustic table will make space look cozier and more inviting. It is, therefore, important to choose a statement piece.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of every material before settling on what you want. Glass looks flashy and contemporary. This also means fingerprints on the table and extra cleaning. For this reason, it is not an ideal choice if you have kids at home.

Take Note of the Shape

round coffee table

Most coffee tables take the rectangular form. This works perfectly because most sofas are made in this shape, so they maximize the room. Everyone on the sofa can easily reach the coffee table.

Round and oval-shaped tables do not have sharp edges like square and rectangular ones. This makes them ideal if you have kids at home. The lines also play a vital role when it comes to décor. The hard lines give your room a classic traditional feel while the curved ones add a romantic feel to your living room.

Pick the Right Size

The standard coffee table size is 1.2m by 0.6m. However, you can choose on that is two thirds your sofa to help your space. Ensure you check the table’s whole footprint since some pieces may have splayed legs extending beyond the top. Measure the usable space and the height as they are also important considerations. The standard height is between 40 and 45cm. But you can choose one which is the same size as your sofa cushions.…

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